What is Myshop45?

Myshop45 is a Point of Sale (PoS) application for retail outlets that keeps record of stock, record of sales, generates receipts, keeps record of suppliers and customers, and generates reports whenever required among its other features.

Why should I use Myshop45?

Myshop45 keeps accurate records, eliminates errors associated with manual bookkeeping, gives real-time update of sales, tracks all sales made, gives real-time remaining stock update, keeps records of customers and keeps records of suppliers among its many other advantages.

How much does the subscription cost?

For information on the current subscription cost of the application, visit the Emblic Technologies office at #79 Stadium Road, opp FIRS office, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt or call the Emblic Technologies official lines (+234)8137189820, 07034356313.

Can I use the application without subscribing?

Yes; but for test purposes only. All records kept in the demo account can be viewed by visitors to the demo application site. Ensure not to post any records that may affect your business.

I have more than one sales persons. Can I have separate accounts for them?

Yes. As the admin of the account, you can create an account for each of your sales persons to monitor their sales from. Their records will be from your data base and connected to your account.

I have more than one shop. Can I use a single account for all my shops?

Yes if stock from your multiple shops are kept together. In a situation where the stock are separated and their records also needed to be separated, it is advised to have a separate account for each shop.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, a subscriber with multiple shops can have an account for each shop.

How secure are my inventory records in the account?

Records from your shop which includes stock records, sales records, suppliers’ records and customers’ records are highly secured with SSL Encryption. Your records cannot be viewed by unauthorized personal.

How can I register or add a new Supplier?

To register or add a new supplier, click the supplier icon, click “Add Supplier”, fill in the required information and click “Add”.

How can I add a (new) stock or product?

To add a (new) stock or product, click the product icon, click “Add Product” fill in the required information and click “Add”.

What is a Barcode?

The Barcode is the method of data used by a business to identify a product or stock. You can use any identifiable pattern set an identity for every product you have. Barcode can be letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers e.g. 2436B, 0258901, R45, RQXA, etc.

have a lot of items in my shop. What is the limit of stock the application takes?

There is no limit to the number of products or stock you can record in the application.

How can I record the sales made?

To record sales, click on sales; enter the barcode of the product, enter the quantity purchased, enter the discount (Optional) and click “Add”. If there are more than one item from the same customer, repeat as above to add to the cart. When all the purchases have been added, click “Save”. Then enter customer’s name and amount paid and click “Save”. Details of the transaction will appear on your screen. Click print to print the receipt, click “Check Out” to end the transaction and “Save as PDF” to save the document in PDF format.

How can I add a new sales person to my account?

Click Users icon, click "Add User", enter the user credentials and click “Add”. The new user will receive an email notification with username and password. The new user will login to the application, change password and the account is ready to be used.

Can I delete a user no longer in my employ?

Yes, simple click "Users", go to the name of the person whose account you want to delete and click "delete".